All About Ice Cream Cabinets

There will always be a soft spot in our hearts for a scoop of ice cream, especially in a hot weather. Ice cream continues to be a treat for both children and adults. Sarah Swain on manly daily talks about one Australian beach saying that on weekends in summer an ice cream boat often visits, causing much excitement among kids. As much as there is a wide variety of ice creams that market themselves easily through their popularity, what better way to display and show them off than by using an ice cream cabinet Sydney shops sell. These displays are a good addition to shops, cafes and restaurants. This article points out more about ice cream cabinets.

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Types of ice cream cabinets

There are different types of ice cream cabinets Sydney shops sell, some of which are listed below:

1.     Budget –  Of them is a budget scoop ice cream display. These are essentially chest display freezers that have been converted into being suitable for scooping ice cream. They can achieve a temperature of -14 oc and -18oc which is needed to make it easy to scoop ice cream. Another advantage is that as they are based on chest freezers, they maximize space giving you the chance to display many tubes in a relatively small unit. Just as their name suggests they are the best choice when budget is tight. However, they also have cons like the fact that they don’t come with a rear serving shelf as storage tends to be underneath the ice cream pans on display. Thus, you have to lift them out to access the stored ice cream.

2.     Mid-range – Mid-range ice cream displays are said to be where proper ice cream scooping displays start. These are dominated by excellent units that are designed for displaying ice creams and generally accept 4.5-5 liter Napoli tabs. They are equipped with a shelf that helps with serving and has internal light to illuminate the ice cream and enhance the display. Another advantage of this type of ice cream cabinet Sydney shops sell is that the storage unit is separate and can be accessed by a rear door of the unit, saving you from having to remove pans from display to get to extra stock.

3.     Premium – This type is at the higher end of the market and has ventilated ice cream scooping cabinets. In spite of its high cost this cabinet also has more benefits. They include a more consistent temperature over the whole display, less ice build-up due to the automatic defrost in place. Also ice cream can be displayed higher in the unit creating a more attractive display, thus attracting customers. However, the ventilated units do not have a storage area, and thus, should be accompanied by a refrigerator.

Other things you will need to know in case you want to buy an ice cream cabinet include the space you require, how many flavors you want to display, power supply available, any extra stock you have and the supplier of your ice cream. More information brand name: All Kool Equipment

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