Bunk Beds Buying Guide

Buying the right bunk bed for your kids may not be as easy as buying other kinds of furniture in your home. When you are choosing these kinds of beds, there are special factors that you need to put into consideration such as the safety concerns, and ease of use. Additionally, you want to choose the right kind of bunk bed designs that will please your kids and make them happy when they are going to bed. When buying these kinds of beds, you can also the same procedure as when you are buying your ordinary furniture. For example, it is important to evaluate your need and determine which of the bunk bed designs will best suit your unique needs.

How much space do you have?

The number one reason why you are buying the bunk beds is to save some space. It is therefore important to evaluate how much space you have in your house when you are planning to purchase these beds. It is important that it fits the room where you will place it but you must also ensure that it doesn’t occupy too much room space.

Measure the room space as well as the floor space in the room where you are planning to place the bunk bed. It is also important to determine the ceiling height of the room as this is what will determine the height of the bunk bed that you will purchase. It is always advisable to leave at least two inches between the bed and the ceiling. The heights of the bunk bed generally vary but on average, it will range from 5 ½ inches to 6 inches. When measuring the floor space that you will need for the bunk bed, you need to factor in the fact that certain parts of the bed such as the pull outs will require more space.

What type of bunk bed do you need?

There numerous types of the bunk beds that you can opt for. These range from the twin-to-twin beds to the more elaborate combinations of the bunk beds that you can choose. All depends on your tastes as well as preferences. You can have the basic ones or lofted ones although these also come with various features and combinations.

What features are you looking for?

There are numerous kinds of features that you can choose in the bunk bed. Some of the most common include the study areas, storage areas as well as play features in the bed such as the slides. There are kids who like to have their friends sleep over during visits. In these cases, you may opt for the bunk beds that have the pull out beds or futons. The beds can be built with these features depending on your budget or you may choose to have them as add-ons.

What is your favorite style?

There are plenty of styles that you can choose from when it comes to the bunk beds. Ay Furniture Store, you can find the widest array of bunk bed styles such as silver Camden, Colorado Trip Triple, Single Jersey model, Single Sydney, Single Cosmos, Single Harvard, Single Essex, Single Lind field and many others.

Is the bed safe?

Safety is one of the most important considerations when you are shopping for a quality bunk bed. The bed must have all the safety features that you need such as the guard rails, foot boards as well as the headboards.