Follow These Tips to Add Value to Your Wedding Cake

With changing trends in the wedding industry, many couples are looking for ways in which they can add value to their wedding cakes to make them unique and more personalized. To have unique wedding cakes Melbourne market has for clients, you need to work with a reputable wedding cake designer who will include all your details in the preparation of the cake, and even add more advice as appropriate.

Your wedding cake needs to reflect a personal statement that is unique and different from what your neighbor can do. For example, while many couples go for traditional white wedding cake, many couples have switched off to modern trends of decoration. To get a unique design, follow these tips for the best wedding cakes Melbourne market has for clients.

White cakes are often dry: many couples today avoid the traditional white wedding cake because it is dry, based on the ingredients it contains. Experts say they are low on fat, which is the ingredient that makes a cake moist. If you want moist wedding cakes Melbourne market has, it is advisable to go a different route.

White cakes contain egg whites and a lot of air that make them dry. In that state, not many guests may find the cake palatable. Moist cakes are often made of chocolate coke, an almond tort, or lemon, especially for summer weddings. You can also go for something that appeals to the taste buds of many guests such as pound cake.

High butterfat on your wedding cake makes it taste so good. With a reliable wedding cake supplies Australia has, you can get the best toppers and ingredients that appeal to your taste and preference. The flavor and texture of your cake are equally important. Consider your audience, too, because a bigger percentage of the wedding cake goes to the audience.

Before you choose your designer, conduct a research about online cake supply stores in your community and select one that offers the best deal in terms of pricing and quality. Use simple flavors and focus on design. Modern couples prefer vanilla and chocolate, even though you can come up with a different taste according to your preference.

Design is open and you can experiment with it as much as you want. For example, if you are considering a cake for bridal showers, you can have your cake shaped like a designer shoe. You may also consider making individual cupcakes for each guest, although they may be costly based on the amount of time and detail involved in making each of them.

In addition to the mentioned, you can consider stripped cakes. They are becoming increasingly popular with varying textures and toppers. For example, you can choose to do a silky or matte texture, in different shade such as ivory or plain white.

In the end, you need to add personal taste to your cake to make it more personal. Instead of using common toppers, go for something unusual such as stainless steel or sugar paste. The idea is to come up with a unique presentation that reflects your personality. For the best birthday cakes Melbourne has for customers, visit,