Self Storage facility designed for your convenience

From the time it was started in 1970, the ‘Self Storage’ business has made rapid expansion in Australia. In 2014, one of the Self Storage companies added nearly 16000 sq mtrs of rentable space and almost equal area of storage space was added during the following year namely 2015.  This highlights the popularity and the utility of the North Melbourne self storage system. See more detail:

north melbourne self storage

Operation similar to bank lockers:

Many times business enterprises, industrial houses and even individuals may face shortage of space to store their raw materials or personal belongings. In such circumstances, they can make use of the North Melbourne self storage facility. In terms of operation, the self storage facility is almost similar to the locker facility provided by the bank.

Materials that you can store:

The North Melbourne self storage facility is available in different sizes; from small storage shelf to the size of a container. Except for prohibited materials like the explosives, inflammable materials and such other products, you can store any materials in the self storage unit. For example, in the case of personal storage facility, you can store your clothes, furniture, artifacts, computer and documents and so on.

Your own lock and key:

The self storage facility is available 365 days in a year and in the normal course during specified hours. You can hire the self storage unit for any number of days. The rental is dependent on the duration for which you hire the storage facility, storage unit sizes and various other factors. In fact, some of the self storage units also provide you cold storage facility for storing food articles, medicines and such other products. Once you hire the storage you can securely lock the unit using your own lock. You also reserve the right to inspect and make use of the storage unit any number of times during the term of your agreement with the owners of the storage facility.

Exclusive boxes:

For the convenience of the clients, the self storage facilities provide you packing box Melbourne wide in varying sizes and thickness. In fact, some of the self storage facilities provide these boxes at a reasonable amount of discount. The facilities also provide exclusive packing boxes west Melbourne shops sell for storing different types of materials, like, for example, kitchenware, bottles and even fragile materials like glass, mirror and so on.

Truck to transport the materials:

Apart from this, the self storage facilities also provide you the services of a truck to transport the materials ‘to and fro’ from the place identified by you to the premises of the self storage facility. The truck will be available at a reasonable rental.

Self Storage Association of Australia (SSAA):

The activities of the self storage facility in Australia are governed by the Self Storage Act and also by the Trade Practices Act. Apart from this, the storage business is also guided by the ‘Self Storage Association of Australia (SSAA)’. The Association ensures the members follow established ethics of self storage business.

Visit reputed storage facility:

If you are looking for exclusive self storage facility, you may visit reputed self storage providers like the In fact, this is one of the few storage facilities available to you 24/7/365 with state of the art storage facility. The storage facility would be available at the most reasonable rental.