Simple Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires in the Home

Electrical fires are some of the worst electrical disasters that you will ever experience in your premise. Every year in Australia, they cause injuries, fatalities and cause billions of dollars worth of damage to property. What many may not realize is that the prevention of electrical fires actually starts with the kind of electrician Perth has that you choose to do your wiring. If you hire someone that is not fully qualified or who does not do the work with the best quality workmanship, then you are likely running the risk of experiencing electrical fires a few years down the line.

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However, unqualified electricians in Perth are not the only reason why you are likely to grapple with electrical fires in your premises. There are various other causes of electrical fires and many of these are actually preventable if you take the right measures in order to control and eliminate some of the risk factors in your wiring and electricity usage which are likely to increase the risk of electrical fires in your premises.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring is by far the number one reason why many homes experience electrical fires. There is also a good reason why these fires are particularly prevalent in the older homes in Perth. Most likely, these homes will have wiring that is either inadequate for the current usage demands or which are damaged or worn out. Even if the wiring was done well by a qualified electrician Perth has, everything eventually wears out with time and your wiring, too, will wear out with time. In case you are living in an older home, make sure that you find electrician in Perth that can carry out an inspection of your existing wiring and offer you recommendations on whether you should replace the wiring.

Using the Extension Cords Improperly

Some of the electrical fires in your home can also be caused by the improper use of your extension cords. What most people may not know is that the extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution in a home with a low number of electrical power points. However, most people use them as a permanent solution and there is always the risk of misuse of these extension cords. It is important to adopt the best usage practices with respect to your extension cords. For example, when they are not in use, it is advisable to plug things off them. In case you find yourself needing to use the extension cords all the time, then you may need to think of getting more electrical outlets installed in the home.

Appliances could be faulty

Another common cause of electrical fires in the home could be due the fact that you have faulty appliances or ones which are now outdated. In that case, you need to hire electrician in Perth in order to have them replaced. Cords which are worn out or even frayed need to be replaced, as a damaged cord will generally cause electrical fires by transmitting heat across surfaces which are combustible thus causing electrical fires.

These are some of the more common causes of electrical fires. In order to ensure that your home is safe, you can also hire an electrician Perth has to carry out house inspections and give you a compliance certificate ascertaining that your home is safe and compliant with various electrical safety regulations.